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Anthraciter coal For Water Filtering

Product Description:

Anthraciter coal For Water Filtering

Anthracite filter material is the most important layer of three layers of filter material, because it is directly facing the
sewage, is the first layer of filter water filter material, if not accurately grasp the thickness of anthracite filter material,
it will cause unnecessary loss. More to filter factory specializing in the production of water treatment filter material, rich
production experience, the following is our summary in the use of anthracite filter material, determine the thickness of several methods:
1. The size of sewage and the thickness of anthracite filter material has the most direct relationship, under normal
circumstances, the greater the amount of sewage filter layer thickness to slightly increase, if the amount of sewage is small, to reduce the thickness of anthracite filter material.
2 if it is the filter tank must be determined according to the size of the filter tank thickness, the size of the filter tank and
the thickness of anthracite filter material also has an important relationship, the general thickness of the filter tank is 70 cm, the highest is 85 cm, the lowest thickness is 65 cm.
3. Use the measured data to determine the thickness, you can measure the turbidity of sewage in advance, and then change the thickness of anthracite filter material according to the turbidity.
Use according to the form of the filter to determine the use of parameters, usually under the circumstances of double layer filter material pavement thickness of 280-420mm; Normal filter speed 10-14m /h, mandatory filter speed 14-1 8m/h; Three layers of filter material pavement thickness of 450mm, normal filter speed 18-20m /h, mandatory filter speed 20 ~ 25m/h. Filter backwash with water, water vapor or with surface washing.
Anthracite filter material is often used in various media filters, carbon steel media filters, three layers of rapid filtration
system filter.

Calcined anthracite coal is made from fine-selected anthracite and is low in content of ash, sulfur, phosphorus.with high
chemically activation. 2. Anthracite filter material can be used for drinking water and industrial production water and a variety
of pool type of ordinary fast filter 3.Double layer and three layer filter, all kinds of sewage filter, water purification
machinery filter and chemical, metallurgy,the rmoelectric,pharmaceutical, paper making, printing and dyeing, food and other
production before and after the water quality
treatment. Anthracite filter material plays a role in the filtration process, will directly affect the quality of the filtration.

Analysis item

Test Data


0.5~1mm; 1~2mm; 2~4mm; 4~8mm or customize

Iodine Absorb 


Specific Surface Area 








 Loading Density 


 Methylene Cyanine Adsorp



3~5 or customize


All the items can be customized as per your request.

The effect of anthracite filter material in the filtration process is good or bad, which directly affects the water quality of the
filter, so the choice of the filter material must meet the following requirements:
1, high mechanical strength, the sum of crushing rate and wear rate should not be greater than 3% (percentage by mass).
2, stable chemical properties, no toxic substances. Insoluble in general acid, alkaline, neutral water. The factory products by China water treatment filter material monitoring and testing center determination: hydrochloric acid soluble rate is 0.68%(ministry standard is 3.5) in all kinds of water can achieve good purification effect.
3, reasonable particle size grading, large specific surface area. The appearance of the product is spherical and angular, good gloss, three times by mechanical vibration screening, grading in line with the relevant technical indicators. Uniformity
coefficient (K60) is not more than 1.5 (Japanese standard), non-uniformity coefficient (K80) is between 1.6 and 2.0, void ratio is more than 50%.
4, particle size range is less than the specified lower limit particle size by weight is not more than 5%, greater than the
specified upper limit particle size by weight is not more than 5%.


Standard exporting package

50kg per bag, 500kg Ton jumbo bag or can be pack on your requirements

2. 500kg/jumbo bag
3. Pack as per your request


Water purification anthracite filter material is mainly put in the fast filter and quartz sand filter material, activated carbon
filter material with better effect. Anthracite filter material is not used as cushion layer is not used alone, mainly with quartz
sand filter and activated carbon with the effect will be better

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